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Open Studio Membership Terms and Agreement


Open Studio Membership is subscription-based and available to those who have the knowledge to work with clay independently. Open studio is also available to students who are currently enrolled in multi-week classes and want extra time to practice. The open studio hours are listed on the website. Hours may change due to classes and events.

Membership includes:a. Up to 25 hours of open studio time per month. Hours reset each month and aren’t carried over. If you use more than 25 hours, you will be charged $15/hours.
b. Usage of in-house dipping glazes.
c. Firing is included, but let’s be fair with clay usage and firing, this is NOT a production studio! The owner reserves the right to cancel all memberships which are deemed to be in violation of this policy.
d. We usually carry Laguna B-Mix, Dover White, Speckled Buff, and reclaimed clay and fire to cone 5
e. Oversized pieces larger than 10 inches in any dimension will incur an additional fee of $10 for each dimension of the piece exceeding 10 inches. Max size 16 inches.

a. The Member acknowledges that all payments made to Cool Creations are non-refundable.
b. Membership fees are due on a monthly basis. You will be charged automatically each month.
c. You may cancel your membership with a 14-day email notification prior to the renewal date.
d. You may pause your membership for 30 days, with a 14-day email notification prior to the renewal date. Before pausing, finish up all greenware and clear your work in progress area. Glaze your pottery before pausing, if you want it fired. For example, you can’t bring items to get fired that you’ve glaze at home during a month that you’re paused.
e. Open studio hourly fees are due at the time of booking for students enrolled in multi-week classes.

Booking Guidelines:
a. Book your pottery wheel, hand building, and/or glaze station prior to coming to the studio.
b. You may change or cancel your booking prior to the booked time slot.
c. If you need to stay longer than anticipated, log into the app to extend your hours.
d. Available stations aren't be visible on the booking platform when your account is paused.
e. Members aren’t allowed in the studio after closing hours.

Studio Cleaning Guidelines: Leave it Cleaner than your found it!
All open studio members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves to minimize clay dust and keep the studio safe.a. Clean the equipment and workspace you’ve used, including floor area. There’s a broom and mop next to the clay sink.
b. If using studio tools, clean and return them to their designated spot.
c. Empty extra clay from your bucket and splash pan into the recycle bins. We have have separate bins for white and dark clay. 
d. Don't pour clay into the sink, out plumbing is old!
e. Clean you wheel station after usage (under bat and around wheel head too).
f. Turn off the pottery wheel, put the pedal on the table and chair on the wheel.
g. Remove extra clay from bats/boards after usage.
h. If you have a clay flop try to re-wedge and bag as much as possible. 
i. Wipe common worktables, wedging tables, and glazing stations that you've used.

a. You will have a 1/2 shelf for work in progress. Don't move another member's work.

b. Community shelves are provided for greenware, bisque, and glazed pottery.
c. Bisque and glaze fired pots can only remain on the community shelves for 30 days.  

Completed Work:

a. The Member must pick up any completed pottery pieces within 30 days from the date of final firing.

b. Failure to collect completed work within the specified timeframe may result in the Studio disposing of the pottery.

c. The Studio is not responsible for breakage or damage to pottery.

Codes of Conduct:
The Member agrees to adhere to the following codes of conduct while on the premises:
a. Respect other members, instructors, and studio staff.
b. Do not interfere with instructors or students if there is a class in session. Student’s should have the instructor’s full attention.
c. Use studio equipment and materials responsibly and safely.
d. Follow any additional rules or guidelines communicated by the Studio.

Hold Harmless Agreement:
The Member agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify Cool Creations, its owners, employees, agents, and affiliates from any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, expenses, or damages arising from participation in studio activities, including but not limited to pottery classes, workshops, and open studio hours. The Member assumes all risks associated with such activities. Member acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

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